We support retail development at scale

Our mission is to cultivate an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates productivity tools with robust community support for frontline workers at scale. By doing so, we dismantle the obstacles of high costs and skill requirements that often deter retailers from investing in their employees.

Need for skills building


of employees' skills will change by 2025.
Source: World Economic Forum of Job report 2023

Need for scaling




of retail H.R. spend more time on the frontline engagement than they did in 2021

STHRIVE workforce engagement platform

Improve retail workforce engagement, development and performance

Scaling talent development

Scaling Talent Development: Retailers recognize the importance of onboarding, upskilling, and retaining talent, but struggle to scale these efforts effectively due to a limited ratio of trainers and HR personnel to frontline staff

Fulfilling career needs

Unfulfilled Career Needs: Frontline employees lack support, recognition, and clear career prospects in retail, leading to high turnover rates as they seek better opportunities.

Discover our unique advantages

Seamless integration of tools and community

STHRIVE seamlessly combines productivity tools with a strong community support system, providing a comprehensive solution for retail workforce empowerment.

Overcoming costs and skill barrier

We break down the barriers of high costs and skill requirements, enabling retailers to invest in their employees without constraints

Scalable talent development

With STHRIVE, retailers can effectively scale talent development efforts, ensuring a skilled and engaged workforce

Bringing the skills gap

Our platform bridges the skills gap, ensuring that your workforce is equipped with the right skills for success.