Better frontline, Better bottom line

Retail workforce engagement platform

Made for retail frontliners, built for productivity and higher performance. Empower your team with a platform that boosts the productivity and engagement of your retail workforce at a lower cost. Access data that will predict the future performance of your team. 


Higher performance


Net Promoter Score


Money saving

What People Say

Performance enhancement for management

Assessment at scale

  • On-going assessment
  • Individualized course automation
  • Data-centric system powered by AI.

Recommended pathways with 7,000 of template

Empower your sales team

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Advanced instructional design automation
  • No specific skills required
  • Create content 8-12 times faster

Editable course library, multilingual

New courses released every month

Engage Your Team

We know companies can increase profits by unlocking their team potential

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