Share stories to make memorable experiences

Take advantage of the Domestic and Travel Retail sales BOOM to boost your sales numbers even higher. Our award-winning and accessible on leading LMS platform, STHRIVE Selling Techniques SERIES will have your FRONTLINE ASSOCIATES teams exceed their targets by developing their #storytelling, questioning, #cross-selling, #up-selling, and closing skills in a post-Covid 19 era but also having customers coming back for more. Storytelling course is the latest course release: Storytelling can increase sales by up to 400% (Source: Harvard Business Review). By using stories to establish an emotional connection with customers, demonstrate the benefits of products, and increase customers’ engagement and recall, frontline taff can help boost sales and improve overall customer satisfaction.

The Selling Techniques series contains:

• Storytelling

• How to sell in 2023?

• The Art of questioning

• First impression

• Clienteling

• Closing the sales