The future is now to prepare your organization

Here are the TOP 5 learning challenges of the industry and how STHRIVE solution solves them:

• Onboarding: We provide digital assessment tools to evaluate each team member’s strengths and weaknesses to tailor an individual learning pathway and leverage our Onboarding series of ready-to-use and customizable e-learning courses to ensure fast deployment.

• Retention: We keep staff motivated and engaged by using gamification (2D/3D games, Interactive Videos, VR…) and rewards, in addition to certifications.

• Scaling: We provide the resources you need to help you create a massive volume of content in several languages and offer tools that allow you to create courses x10 faster.

• Learner Experience: Generation Z, Millennials (and everyone else) love our mobile-first learning solutions that include all the social features they use daily to communicate and bite-sized learning content.

• Compatibility: We convert any learning content (PPT, content from your existing LMS…) to SCORM format compatible with most LMS, making it fast and costless to share your content with your distributors and partners.

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